MTB HOPPER fits in any car’s trunk. Dimensions: 825 x 610 x 100 mm (~33 x 24 x 4 in); After using MTB HOPPER in muddy conditions, fold it dirty side inward. The outer side is kept clean for your car’s trunk.


MTB HOPPER’s design allows you to comfortably carry it folded or already assembled for use. It weights the same as DH / FR bike, ~ 17 kg.

Fast and easy assembly

It only takes 1 minute to assemble or disassemble MTB HOPPER. Thanks to its design, MTB HOPPER does not require any tools for assembling. Every MTB HOPPER includes a user manual for assembling and safe use.

For beginners

MTB HOPPER is perfect for your first air. The best spot to catch your first air is on grass field with a mellow slope, together with a more experienced rider. MTB HOPPER also includes a manual to ensure your first air is safe and fun. A helmet is compulsory! Knee and elbow pads are also a good idea.

For MTB events

If there’s no bike park nearby, just get together with a few friends and put up some MTB HOPPERS in the local woods or park. Fun times are guaranteed! With this tool, local events can be organized without investing lots of time.


MTB HOPPER is wide and stable. Its progressive geometry and good grip lets you use it on any street spot.

For advanced riders

Your imagination is the only limiting factor to what can be done with MTB HOPPER. Figure out a new place to put it, and it will never stop providing sick lines.

Grip in any conditions

MTB HOPPER’s design is trustworthy in any given conditions. The pattern of the top plate and non-slippery plywood provide grip even in the muddiest conditions.