We ship mostly on Wednesday. We only ship when all items in an order are ready to ship and when the full amount has been payed to our account.



Countries ISO codes Approximate delivery time
LT  1 - 2 work days
EE, LV  2 work days
PL  2 work days
AT, CZ, DK, GB, LU, NL, SK, FI, SE, DE  2 - 4 work days
IE, AD, BE, BG, GR, ES, IT, HR, LI, MC, NO, PT, FR, RO, SM, SI, CH, VA, HU  3 - 7 work days
AL, AM, AZ, BY, BA, FO, GI, GE, IS, ME, CY, MK, MT, MD, RU, RS, TR, UA  4 - 8 work days
US, CA  5 work days
BR, PH, HK, IN, ID, JP, AE, CN, KR, MY, PK, SG, TH, TW, VN  4 - 6 work days
AU, EG, IQ, IL, MA, MX, NZ, ZA  5 - 7 work days
AF, DZ, AS, AI, AO, AG, AR, AW, BS, BH, BD, BB, BZ, BJ, BM, GW, BO, BQ, BW, BN, BF, BI, BT, TD, CL, DM, DO, CI, DJ, EC, ER, ET, FJ, GA, GY, GM, GH, GD, GL, GU, GP, GT, GN, HT, HN, JM, JO, KY, CX, CM, QA, KZ, KE, KG, KI, CW, CC, CO, CG, CR, CK, KW, LA, LS, LB, LR, LY, MO, MG, YT, MW, MV, ML, MP, MH, MQ, MU, MR, VG, VI, MM, FM, MN, MS, MZ, NA, NC, NR, NP, NG, NE, NI, NF, OM, PW, PS, PA, PG, PY, PE, GF, PF, PR, GQ, RE, RW, TL, SB, SV, WS, SA, SC, BL, MF, PM, SN, KN, LC, VC, SL, SX, LK, SR, SZ, TJ, TZ, TG, TO, TT, TN, TC, TV, UG, UY, UZ, VU, VE, WF, CV, ZM, ZW  4 - 12 work days



Your orders will be shipped, regardless of the country of destination and, depending on the volume, size and weight by either the carrier DHL and TNT. Our preferred carrier for shipments to private persons within Germany is the DHL. If you prefer one or the other of these carriers for your shipment, please indicate this preference to our service team by phone or e-mail in time before placing your order.



If you receive a damaged packet please inform us as soon as possible, at the latest within 2 days.